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Items We Recycle

Items such as Records, CDs, Cassettes, Computers, Tablets, Smartphones, Bicycles, Clothing, Household Items, Tools, Toys and many others can be donated for re-use if in good condition. For items like these, we can provide a receipt for qualifying tax-deductible items.

We take most electronics. All electronics except what is noted below are free to recycle. We do free pickups in town (though donations are welcome). Outside of town pickups subject to travel fee.

All TV types now require a fee. All flatscreen TVs over 20" and CRT TVs or monitors are $30. Large console TVs and projection TVs are subject to higher fees for disposal. Large appliances are a minimum of $30 as well. Flatscreen monitors are free. This itemized list is incomplete. If you need assistance call or text 304-413-6545

- 8-Track Tapes
- Batteries (We accept all battery types)
- Bicycles, Parts & Accessories
(Visit Free Bikes 4 Kidz WV)
- Blank Media
- Books
- Boxes & Packing Material
- Cable Boxes
- Cables & Wires
- Cameras & Photography Accessories
- Cases
-Cassette Tapes & Players
- Christmas Lights
-Circuit Boards
- CD/DVD/Floppy Drives
- CDs & CD Players
- Computer Accessories
- Computer Parts
- Desktop & Laptop Computers
- DVD/Blu-Ray Players
- Flatscreen/CRT/Projection TVs/Monitors
- Gaming Systems
- Hand Tools
- Hard Drives
- Keyboards & Mouses
- Memory (RAM)
- Metal
- Microphones
- Microwaves

- Modems
- Motherboards

- Musical Instruments
- Power Supplies
- Power Tools
Printers & Ink/Toner
- Processors (CPUs)
- Reel to Reel
- SD Cards
- Slides
- Small Appliances
- Smartphones & Tablets
(If possible, please logout and wipe your devices so they can be reused)
- Software/Manuals
- Stereo Systems/Components
- Speakers
- Tape Drives
- Tripods
- Typewriters
- UPS Devices
- VCRs
- VHS Tapes/Old Media
- Video Cards
- Video Games
- Vinyl Records & Turntables

- Vintage Electronics (For our upcoming Tech Museum)
-Wire (any type)
-Word Processors

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